~~~DEATH STRANDING~~~ A #NagaYun Review

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The short version, you will not regret having this in your library.

This is a walking simulator, it is basically the part of MMOs that everyone seems to hate, the fetch quest, over and over. That said, the way they implemented it and the concepts they use basically make you not even notice that you are doing the part of most games that most people tend to complain about and you will enjoy it (if you are someone who likes challenges, I started the game on the hardest setting and still discovered the mechanics to get through things on the first go around).

The implementation is so good there is literally no part of it that stands out more the the rest, in essence there is no one part it is all good, they basically hit it out of the park on everything, music, graphics, story, etc. The story is one interesting thing, this seems to take place in a future version of our world where they have the tech level to light print nearly anything they want and started to use bots to handle all sorts of regular mundane activity. At most people's only social interactions with other people were online.

Then there is some sort of calamity that is not explained, mostly because the people don't really understand it itself. This leads to most tech not working, and people falling into a sort of depression because they can no longer have their social media likes interactions. In a certain light it is really an interesting commentary on big tech pushing out small businesses, what happens when they are the only shop in town and how social media might be altering us biologically and evolutionarily.

The porter ends up being a way for people to reconnect by getting things delivered, as well as putting places back on the network so they can start light printing things again.

The entire system functions around a like system, given by npcs as well as other players. You get to interact with other player signs, buildings, post office boxes, bridges, generators, watch towers, etc., you could upgrade them, repair them, it is a souls like system of interaction, other worlds, without any sort of pvp (seemingly thus far).

To the combat, I won't spoil their motives but there are human npc you end up fighting, either they want your packages, which you can get back, or you can hunt them to take packages they have as well as packages they have gotten from other players: parry, dodge, combos, block breaks, stealth take downs, the combat is solid. I was not expecting it to be there, at best I thought it would be tacked on, but again, they hit everything out of the park.

The other physical enemy you need to worry about are the BTs (don't know what that means this far into the game, this game has a lot