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Black Desert Online: Woosa - A Rough Look 🍜🍜🍜🍜

Welcome back to the world of Black Desert Online! We've been out of the loop for a while, but we're excited to be back and dive into the latest class - the Woosa, a.k.a. the Enlightened Butterfly. So much is changing in Black Desert lately that its hard to keep up, especially if your game time has gotten cut down to size like us.

Nevertheless, we're here and we're ready for it! We're going back to basics too, so that means more content, more post and more games, and we're bringing it altogether with some new changes just around the horizon.

But let's get back to Woosa, Black Desert's first twin class. Yes, we know we're late to the party, but it's fashionable.

This class slaps back with memories of Lahn, basically in many ways Lahn 2.0. But that kind of makes sense since they are both from the Land of Morning Light, which we also can't wait to see. New adventures in Port Ratt? Yes please. But this shouldn't come as a surprise with the mysterious unopened gate that remains sealed in Abyss One, more on that here.

This class has some unique features compared to others in BDO, featuring a relaxed playstyle that focuses on using a fan imbued with Do arts to summon butterflies and attack enemies. Woosa comes from the Woodo School, which focuses on tempering the body and mind to wield the Do. It's flashy but in some ways it is a reskin of some elements we've seen in other classes just better, faster and classier in some areas.

As a mid- to melee ranged class, Woosa's attacks are split between quick strikes with her folded fan and area-of-effect attacks using Do arts. She can summon a huge storm from the beating wings of a butterfly, conjure rainclouds upon bright blue skies, and draw upon the power of the Sagoonja.

The Woosa class in Black Desert Online has a rich lore surrounding her. She hails from the Land of the Morning Light and belongs to the Woodo School, where practitioners temper their bodies and minds to master the Do. This ancient martial art involves using fans and staves imbued with mystical powers to control and manipulate the elements.

Woosa's combos are as smooth as flowing water, and her crouching tiger hidden dragon-like flair allows her to sail over great distances. Her rain storm abilities can even remove the heatstroke buff from herself and other players under its storm.

The Woosa class is known as the Enlightened Butterfly, and this is reflected in her abilities and playstyle. She summons butterflies with her fan and uses them to create devastating storms and other powerful effects. Her mastery of the Do also allows her to control the weather, conjuring rainclouds and changing the course of the wind.

In addition to her martial prowess, the Woosa is also a deeply spiritual and introspective character. She seeks enlightenment and the perfection of her craft, and often meditates in quiet places to reflect on her progress and seek guidance from her ancestors.

And we've still gotta give the classy lady the love she deserves here, she may be royalty after all, so lets just not call her a Lahn reskin; making classes and graphics is some of the better things that BDO does anyhow. While similar in overall style, both classes have mid- to melee ranged attacks, the Woosa class has a more relaxed playstyle compared to the Lahn, which is known for its fast and acrobatic combat style.

Both classes have mid- to melee ranged attacks, with Woosa showing expertise of elemental air and water attacks centered upon gracefully shaping storm fronts with the assistance of butterfly magic. Did someone just let a tsunami in here? Between this class and Corsair we'll all be fighting an ocean or squall at sea.

The Woosa class in Black Desert Online can be a great choice for players who prefer something a bit more than vanilla and not overwhelming, but still want to deal a good amount of damage. Players who enjoy flashy combos and graceful movement will enjoy the Woosa's smooth flowing attacks that take a moment to master, but really chain together quite easily compared to others. So we'd call it a little over a beginner class in terms of difficulty.

However, the Woosa may not be the best choice for players who prefer a more straightforward or tanky playstyle. The class relies on quick movements and dodges and timed combos otherwise you are stuck in some long graceful animations, which may be difficult for some players to master. Additionally, players who prefer more traditional weapon choices like swords or axes may not enjoy the Woosa's fan and do stave. And for that we give this classy enlightened butterfly four hefty servings of ramen.

Anyway, we're excited to get back into the swing of things, and we've got lots of new videos and content coming your way. So stay tuned, and as always, game on!