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If you like #DeadCells and #Hades you'll like this. The controls do take some getting used to as the four attack buttons tapped once, move to a different piece of equipment, and then subsequent taps will attack with that weapon, the triggers are used for dodge and parry each. The parry window is tight, very tight, there are visual indicators though. It would appear all attacks can be parried. Parries are devastating to mobs, as it opens then up to taking critical damage with every hit. You can have a main, secondary, which could be a pistol, shield or dagger and a heavy weapon, a 2-hander: hammer, spear and bow. Finally, there is a torch, used to see, light braziers and enemies on fire.

There is a stamina system, which is burnt on every consecutive ending attack with your main, basic moves with your secondary and basic moves with your heavy, it is also used to dodge roll, parries will refill part of the gauge or just not doing any action, but movement for a few seconds.

All attacks have charged attacks, done by holding the button down, they burn one stamina chevron, all ranged attacks have critical timing where the right moment will make every hit critical. Also at any time you can weave in a secondary attack at the end of your main hand attack to cause a cone attack, this attack is important as it is a good way to spread damage to all targets or interrupt attacks of other enemies, or in the case of the shield, push mobs into hazards.

This game. while in line with the others above, plays differently I would say with more timing. With four attack buttons, charged attacks, and an interweave of the secondary attack on main attack you definitely need to spend a bit more time thinking about what you are going to do since there are more than just 2 attack buttons to spam and spamming your attacks will burn stamina that you need to also dodge, which you will mostly be doing, unless you can rely on that tight parry window.

This is a fun game that brings a slightly tighter level of parry window than what is in Dead Cells. Also, a perfect dodge, at the last second, also restores some stamina. Prepare to die a lot. As of this writing I have only gotten past the 2nd boss. This is a "complete" early access game, as Hades is right now, playable but without the whole story explorable or every feature in game.

Get your copy now on steam !