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#BlackDesert​ #SageAwakening​ Class Discussion & Guide

After the jump check out this new video awakening sage guide courtesy of #RedMarmotGaming. Combos, thoughts on the class and how it compares to its succession all covered. For more gameplay on the class and love discussions join RedMarmot live on Twitch or on discord.

RedMarmotGaming is part of the 8bit Ramen gaming community. We are streamer friendly and actively recruiting for our all guilds. Play your way, GLHF. Discord is for all and open to discussions about gaming. If you're a streamer looking for collaboration or a wider audience, leave your tags and info here or stop by and say hi. Gamers find your future co-op or guild members here. For any questions message us on any of our social media, by email or an admin in discord. Cheers! 🍻


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