Abyss One - A Black Desert Odyssey 🍜🍜🍜

After a long hiatus, we're coming back with more content. Of course we'll still continue to swing #blackdesertonline into the mix, but we're keeping it fresh with other games and content going forward!

A lot has changed in the MMO front in this past year and that includes #BDO , and there is a lot to unlock there, especially with the new Twins Class coming to both mobile and PC. For now though, we're gonna focus on what's had us back in the game and focusing our time there recently.

There is always the standard grind with BDO, most MMOs really, but the new content, Abyss One, adds a surprising layer in terms of milestones for the game.

First, Abyss One is a standalone optional quest line, that has you take on a series of puzzles through a central instanced hub accessible by the player through abandoned wells in the game. Yes you jump down into abandoned wells scattered across the realm to get into Abyss One.

The place itself appears to be a construct of planar/dimensional space that is a central hub for chaotic abyss energy. As the player progresses the quest chain, they will teleport throughout the lands from region to region as they unlock milestones in the quest. The interesting part is that the fast travel remains part of the game for the player character that completes it.

But that's not all, while traveling the inter dimensional lei-lines that are the Abyss, that regions storage now becomes accessible from any other storage as the player unlocks them through the quest chain. Meaning that while you are in Heidel, not only can you view all your storage in Calpheon, you can access it and take items from there, even through your maids as well.