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What's Hadum with You? #BDO-Patch March 3, 2021. Huge Content Dump.

#BlackDesertOnline, Korean MMO featuring live action combat, and beautiful environments; has a pretty rough love/hate relationship with its player base. For everything it has going on, you'll find the pros and cons, so in that regard it isn't any different from any other MMO out there.

When #BlackDesert launched its NA and EU divisions back in 03/03/2016 #Kakao would step in as publisher, a relationship that would continue until fairly recently. Whether you were in the know or not, had a game account or not, it is important to note that you still have time to save your account from total annihilation. Head over to #PealAbyss's NA/EU login and look for transfer account to get started.

Come May 31st all non transferred accounts will be gone forever. Those that transferred previously prior to the initial change that took place late February, found their friend list and other notes erased, but at least they were still in their guilds. For all you fashionably late folks out there though, you may find yourself guildless upon your login into the #PearlAbyss servers.

But lets' jump forward a bit. #PearlAbyss has been celebrating this new found relationship with its NA/EU player base with a furvor of events and rewards that puts the awkward silence of #Kakao to shame. They are promising new content and so far delivering on it, with lots of rewards through in game participation, active GMs, and all those colorful little #TwitchDrop events you've come to enjoy, more on that here . All of this and more just is a backdrop to upcoming new territories, changes to #NodeWars and the reveal of the new class, #Sage on March 24, 2021.

Right now with all these recent developments, the denizens of the world of #BlackDesert are certainly feeling it, and that feeling is manifesting itself in the powers of the #ElviaRealm, and it is not to be taken lightly.

The latest updates are both staggering and dazzling and there is lots going on, so prepare for an info dump! First only some of the servers in Black Desert have fallen under Hadum's influence, the goddess of despair who felled many lives in the western region and caused the great civil strife between Sylvia's children, has come into this world yet again. You can now face monsters tainted by Hadum in certain servers:

Here's a breakdown on the nasties and baddies under Elvia Realm influence in the region of #Serendia, and that place does not sound good, but didn't The Mother (Kamyslvia) also come from there? Hmm, food for thought.

You'll be obtaining "Ancient Spirit's Weapons (Main Weapon/Awakening Weapon)" as you defeat monsters in Elvia realm. These weapons are not very powerful against normal monsters or in PvP, but they are extremely effective against monsters in Elvia realm. Even if you have PEN weapons, these weapons have actually proven to be much more effective against the Elvia realm monsters, almost one shotting if not one shotting in some cases.

The three ancient spirits are Valtarra, Okiara, and Narc, attendants to Sylvia, the former ruler of Elvia realm. They disappeared as Sylvia was ousted from Elvia, but have begun to resurface in response to the energy of the adventurers who have jumped into the battlefield to stop the infestation of Hadum. Elvia Main Weapons and Awakening Weapons will disappear 10 minutes after you get them. So, they can only be used within that allotted time. The weapons have a max durability of 100 and cannot be repaired. They also cannot be used by players who's Karma is at 0 or below.

Awakening versus of these weapons will also grant you a new weapon skill while in use (sorry succession buds, no new flashy skill for us!)

This new content also comes with its own series of drops set on enhancing both certain accessories, and black star defensive gear. Incoming gains ya'll! Each Blackstar defense gear (Helmet, Armor, Gloves) can be reformed once to unlock its potential. You will need a very rare and special material called the "Obsidian Specter's Energy" to reform Blackstar defense gear. You can obtain the main material required to craft Obsidian Specter's Energy at hunting grounds corrupted by Hadum. This material can be combined with other rare materials to produce Obsidian Specter's Energy.

This is a very special kind of material that requires a large deal of skill to harness and cannot be traded on the Central Market. Reforms will not fail and can be used at any given enhancement level. Any crystals, item brands, and the item's durability will be maintained when reformed. Reformed Blackstar defense gear can be enhanced at any given moment at any enhancement level. Enhancement chances, required Cron Stones, and set effects are identical to normal Blackstar armor. Reformed Blackstar defense gear has better stats than normal Blackstar defense gear.

Lots and lots of tables right. Craft this to get that and merge with this to get those gains. But its definitely going to reuqire a lot of grinding under the Black Sun, so get ready. In addition more and more events and play time rewards are coming from Pearl Abyss during all of this including a 1000% combat exp and 100% skill exp server buff during hot time!

But as always we'll end with our good friend #ChrisPoli wrapping up all the deets after the jump. Stay frosty friend, for the night is long and full of terrors.


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