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Horse Racing Grand Prix In #BlackDesert!!!

Yeah not many of us here at #8bitRamen are horse people, but if you are that's cool. But if for me not being a horse person, I gotta say this new content drop from #PearlAbyss is pretty on point. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the updates to the Horse Racing Grand Prix, the definitive update on horse racing in #BDO. This new content is called upon to host in game event rewards for this winter season, but the content itself is sticking around, and we're looking forward to more race tracks. Vroom Vroom, er neigh!?

This content seems like it was pretty well thought out. Players can either do the quest chain to get to Stone Talon Ranch, or head their directly and pick up a new type of horse, racing horse. Currently the racing horse is the only horse that can be used for the horse races in game. But here's the kicker. Everyone starts with the same type of horse, the only gate on progression is the horse gear you can get through rewards far participating horse races but the effects of this is not game breaking.

Everyone has access to the primary skills necessary to make their racing horse great, alternating between a new UI just for this type of horse and alternating between the new skills Q and F connected to this new UI. Time those clicks precisely though! For more on the quest related aspect of this content hit up good ol' #ChrisPoli after the jump.

How you win a horse race is more about your familiarity with the racing tracks, min maxing and timing your use of horse skills, and knowing the ins and outs of when to use those skills in a race track to maximize your leads. Sometimes a nice little trot over a full on sprint will do you good.

Speaking of maps, currently at the time of this writing there are two, the seaside scenic Velia Costa l Cave race track, and the Calpheon race track. The race tracks are instanced areas, that have a defined path for racing. You can queue up for the races from anywhere in the world once you have your racing horse stabled. The window for this is under the lifeskills menu, or check the top right of the screen near the minimap for additional access.

The game provides that the race tracks are open from 9 am to 2 am excluding node war times, but we've had difficulty being able to queue after node wars have completed. The one gripe I'd put out there is that this is still a work in process and of course has a few things it needs to flush out but so far the rewards are on point. However, for content that is somewhat engaging in Black Desert, they kinda hit and miss the mark. The hit is the content itself, but for content that does regularly have full races for the duration its available it is gated in that it is only available at certain points in the day. Hey let the players play man.

For a detailed guide to this new horse racing content and some tips and tricks, check out this video after the jump from #WolfBDO.


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