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Where's Johnny!?!?

#CDPR has confirmed that starting early 2021 Cyberpunk 2077 will receive its first set of free DLC Content for the game. While there may be paid content in the future in the form of DLCs, the teaser, as provided in the trailer below and video from #OpenWorldGames, appears to suggest that the free DLCs offered in the near future will feature continued story line game play and possibly even backstory to characters we have come to know in the current build of the game.

Details are scarce: “Free DLC starts hitting Night City early 2021” is the page’s only message, besides a call to stay tuned. Still, it confirms the plans teased in a hidden message within the Cyberpunk 2077 launch trailer: that the game would follow a similar DLC model to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with a mix of free and premium DLC packs. The first of this free content would indeed launch early next year, according to the message.

Despite a series of bugs, poor console performance on primarily last gen consoles, removal from certain platforms for purchase and impending class action law suit, #Cyberpunk2077 remains one of the most downloaded games on steam and next gen consoles and has reportedly recouped its advertising and development costs already from the proceeds of sales. Further, performance on PC and next gen consoles still remain the most stable. The first set of patches that went live last week, version 1.06, was just one of various fixes intended for the game with two more big patches already scheduled for January and February respectively intended for prominent problems on last gen consoles.

#CDPR's roadmap so far for #Cyberpunk2077 appears to closely resemble that of their other titles, like the #Witcher series which also featured its share of bugs and issues similar to what #Cyberpunk2077 now faces. As done with #Witcher titles, #CDPR likely is sticking to the same metric, flushing out the game in a continued and on going development cycle through large slated patches and DLCs.

The #Witcher3’s free DLC came in small but varied drops, like armor sets, new animations and alternative character skins, with a few small-scale quests thrown in. So, if #Cyberpunk2077 follows this template, you can probably expect more of the same, with bigger story-based expansions to come later.


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