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What is the Isle of Siptah?

The #IsleofSiptah is a map expansionDLC, which released September 15, 2020 on PC Steam Early Access, as the first official expansion of #ConanExiles. This game is undergoing a lot of changes, and from a small studio like #Funcom, time is a necessity to get these changes moving, but when they happen they are quality made.

The map size of #Siptah is roughly 75% of that of the #ExiledLands, which originally shipped with the launch of #ConanExiles. Not all items or gameplay mechanics from the Exiled Lands are available in the Isle of Siptah for design reasons.

You will be able to choose which map you wish to play on when playing Single Player, Co-Op, or setting up a Dedicated Server. To play on #Siptah, you will need a new savegame/database. They are not linked, but separate maps. There is an option to swap between these maps when loading a game, meaning you won't lose progress on the Exiled lands or #Siptah when playing on the other map. A dedicated server instance can only run one map at a time; however, a dedicated server can run one or more of each instance concurrently.

There are official servers that run Isle of Siptah and the mods will work on #Siptah the same way they do for Exiled Lands. However, the map itself is not editable.

There are 4 start zones on the Isle of Siptah, each of which is located on the beach. As a shipwrecked person, you land in the northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest. On the beach itself, you will find more castaways who unfortunately did not make it. If you loot their corpses, you will get various objects with little effort. There are also plenty of stones and wood to make your first tools. Only a few dogs, birds, or crocodiles are hostile on the beach.

The Isle of Siptah features unique game play elements not found in the Exile Lands, with a more RPG driven experience set with goals and key features including the following:

  • New Dungeon Type: Vaults – Uncover long-forgotten vaults holding the remnants of elder races from a distant past. Discover hidden halls, solve ancient puzzles, and slay the fiends and demons within. Loot valuable treasures and harness the power of the sigils of the elder races.

  • New Feature: Maelstrom – A massive storm swirls around the dark tower at the center of the island. Powered by sinister magic, it spawns horrifying monsters from the outer void, attacking anyone who dares to venture or build within. Defeat these horrors to get your hands on a brand new and important resource.

  • New Feature: Surges of Sorcery – Powerful surges of forbidden magic, granted by the elder god of Nyarlathotep, shoot forth from the Tower of Siptah. Humans and creatures appear in their wake, mysteriously teleported from the outside world. Move quick to capture them or be left in the dust as other players build their army.

  • New Rhino Mount, Building Sets, and More – Charge into battle and slay your enemies from atop the ferocious rhino mount. Construct a small home or a vast city using two new building sets: the waterlogged remains of shipwrecks or the ancient and majestic stormglass. Find and equip powerful items, including new armor sets.

Per our previous mention of #ConanExiles in these threads, we had played the game back in early release, dealt with the clunkyness and short comings, and overall spares environments of the game. We are happy to see it evolve beyond just mere survival, hunt and scrape into a really telling RPG. Here's hoping that things continue to develop in this direction. For more on these developments check out this video from #JadePG after the jump.


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