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Surviving Faerun⚔️⚔️⚔️

It's Dangerous To Go Alone!

Before you venture forth in your adventure through Baulder's Gate 3, stay a while and listen; you just might learn something that will turn the tide of battle.

#LarianStudios has made a fun and engaging game with #BaldursGate3. Even though in early access they've already proven that they know where they want to take this genre, have the infrastructure to do it, and are providing a classic DnD experience that has given hundreds of hours of excellent game play, storytelling and engaging story. Graphically the game is stunning but don't be fooled by the splendor; there's danger lurking around every corner of Faerun, and you must be prepared.


This may seem obvious, but plan you setup and placement before you enter battle. Don't bunch and have everyone in your party mindlessly follow, spread them out and set them up right before an engagement to maximize your efficiency. The more bunched up your team is, the easier it is for aoes and aoe status based effects to immobilize everyone on your roster and you don't want that.

Spreading out and prepping also leads to better strategizing. Don't go too far though, your team needs to be nearby. Take the high ground for your guys with the reach, or clear a path for your caster, don't get caught in the crossfire. Friendly fire, like all fire, hurts. 🔥

#2 Run Away to Fight Again Another Day

Enemies can lurk around every corner. Turn on combat time, wait for 6 seconds and then move when you feel that you aren't going to be spotted. Don't take on fights that are bigger than you can chew. Sometimes you're able to bypass whole swathes of combat like this, and while you may feel you aren't getting as much fights in your game, finding some loot more than makes up for it. Besides you don't have to leave the fights for good - you can always come back later.

#3 Keep Your Gear Up to Date

Always keep your weapons up to date, don't go into battle wielding a wash bucket as a helmet and a spatula as a sword. As a Fighter with chainmail, you’ve got a higher AC (Armour Class), but you also have a -1 in your Stealth. So don’t go around trying to hide next to your Rogue, because you’re going to end up screwing both of you over.

Weapon proficiency lets you know what weapons you can and can’t wield without putting yourself at a disadvantage. It’s blocked out from equipping anyway, but it helps when trying to buy something new for your character/companions.

#4 Compliment Your Team with a Balanced Skill Set

Always inflate your companions egos. They'll thank you for it. But knowing your parties strength and weaknesses is important. If you have a team of all tank-like classes with zero healing or ranged spells, it’s not going to end up going well against a more varied team of enemies.

#5 Watch Your Stats

You don't need to be a DnD expert to play #BladursGate3, but knowing some of those stats will transition well here. Whenever you can know your character sheets. See what you have proficiency in, and what you’re most likely to succeed in when you give that dice a roll. For example, a dexterity of 16 will give you +5 in Stealth, Sleight of Hand and Acrobatics - giving you a better chance to score high on those.

Also knowing your stats can give you a better understanding of which save rolls and dialogue checks will be easier for you to tackle. This can prove advantageous in many situations. Your character sheet provides other intel, too - like your spells, the actions you can take, and your spell DC (Difficulty Class). Play around with it and see what helps you! There’s a load of information on there, but trust us when we say it’s accessible and easy to understand.

#6 Get Pushy

Combat doesn’t just stop at hacking, slashing and magic. As it was back in Divinity Original Sin 2, the higher you and the enemy are off the ground, the more likely you’ll find the perfect opportunity to shove them off the ledge and to their death. While you may shove them into places that are unreachable, the satisfaction of them going down a deep, dark hole to never be seen again is oddly satisfying.

Don’t just let yourself be sucked in by the art of shoving, though. Throwing stuff at enemies, whether it be your boots, your companion’s corpse, or an apple, can also bring some hilarity to your combat. It helps that no matter what you throw, it will cause damage to the enemy in some way. Though, fair warning, your companion may not be happy to be used as a javelin.

Check the video after the jump from #SerMedieval to get even more useful tips on how to survive in Faerun.


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