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SO, You Wanna Join My Campaign?

We might die, but it's totally gonna be cool! That's right, you heard it, the drums of war are ringing and big changes are coming for #NodeWars. Node wars are receiving a big overhaul in #BlackDesertOnline, along with new alchemy stones that can cast AOE spells, summoned pet changes and #Nova skill changes.

Let's get the nitty gritty of node war changes. Node wars will be fought campaign style. Start your campaign from a starter node, fight, win and plan the conquest for the adjoining node. A NPC shop has been added to give better rewards for node war participation and the crowns/armor have been improved for guild leaders who have won these nodes. Expand your influence, get materials for making new items to increase your powers, crush your enemies and see them driven before you; AND HEAR THE LAMENTATION OF THEIR WOMEN!

Ok, ok let's calm down. Seriously though this also means that the node war caps regardless of tier are going to be 100. So bring your squad. This change is also coming to sieges folks, so guilds will once again be able to own multiple territories. Not just one, not just two, multiple. And it looks like the elves are going to be rumbling in this jungle, as they have just joined the fight. #Kamasylvia will have future plans to be released as another node war zone.

Back to the campaign though. One guild can hold up to 10 nodes, and you have to go after an adjoining node on your conquest so plan your war-front carefully... keep in mind this also means you have to defend these nodes you've captured too. What will it all look like in practice? Well take a look at the #globallabs and have a spin on there for yourself, or watch this vid after the jump from #Anders for some hidden details.

But that's not all. When this drop comes from the global labs, which is usually within 2 weeks from it going live on global, we're getting some added changes to the game. wiz/witch PA is going to be targeted and seeing some increased changes to its behavior and buffs. Another Hadum grind spot is in the works that is designed for a party of 3, with a series of bug fixes and more to come.