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(BDO)A Beginner's Guide to Sea Monster Hunting (SMH)

When it comes to SMH these quick tips and guides should make the task that much easier, especially with a well complemented and geared fleet. The video below will offer some SMH tips.

Plenty of Fish In the Sea

SMH has seen its fair share of changes in the game over a short period of time. Previously extremely lucrative, whole guilds have detected their primary activity to SMH. For various reasons, SMH received nerfs to its profitability. Has this affected your interest in SMH? The player base still seems interested in acquiring Frigates and Epheria Sail Boats, primarily because this can make active hot spot fishing (another profitable activity made further reliable with recent changes in game) even easier to accomplish. Having access to one of these sea vessels is also the only way to regularly participate in the fight against Vell, the sea monster boss on the open ocean.

A Note from the Editor

It is possible to acquire an Epheria Ship using Shakatu Seals. A lot of materials go into making these larger repairable ships, which so far can only be crated with workers in Port Epheria. This is also the only place to craft upgrades and parts that are not sold by the wharf vendors. The materials that go into these processes can be quite taxing for a new player, but due to changes on the market the materials and the ships themselves may be more accessible.


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