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This is a game for people who like to build and experiment. Sure you can use things as intended or you can find unique ways to exploit/utilize the thermodynamics/physics of this world to really do some cool things. Every time I make a new base or watch someone's let's play, I get a better idea of how to gain some new layer of efficiency or another way to get a resource or balance resource usage. Key thing to take away, there really are no waste products, everything can be used by some other process. Currently there are materials, like sulfur, that have no real use and can only be acquired through player constructs, which makes me think that despite being out of early access the game will still see some interesting developments.

If you are a tinkerer and you like mechanics and material properties, this is the game for you. I don't think I have this many hours in any other game I own for the time it has been available. You won't regret the purchase, 10/10


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