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Major Updates to AC Valhalla

With all the new game hype and the shadow of 2020 in our wake its easy to forget about our favorite viking raider, #Eivor. But don't count him out just yet Night City fans. This old dog has got some tricks up its sleeves.

Patch 1.1 .1 just launched for #ACValhalla and there is much more in store as #Ubisoft promises to make good on its post launch roadmap for the game. Only the future knows all the secrets, and for that reason we'll be consulting #Valka. Hope she has something better on tap this time than spit. That stuff is nasty.

Anyway, 1.1.1 is bringing us some much needed bug fixes, graphical overhauls, and patch size deployments that will target those shiny new next gen consoles. But don't worry everybody else, you'll still be getting some love.

Some technical updates include, #Ubisoft connect achievements are here, color blind modes, and rebalancing on skills and damage so you're not so overpowered are in this basket too. And for everyone blowing up there CPU when the carnage just starts to get fun, improved performance and stability are here. Your CPUs and GPUs will thank you.

The rest is all for those over achievers and task masters out there who are gonna love the fact that we have new challenges and achievements rolling out with this update. But hey, why spoil the ending? Check the vid from #JorRaptor for more recent updates to AC Valhalla after the jump.

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