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Gods of the Fallen Land - A #NagaYun Review

I think it would be fun, I have rise to ruins, rim world, ect. style games. Seems right up my alley, but for reasons, I don't understand the game crashes on me making it up playable, which is weird, because I have bought several games from early access and have not had an unplayable issue. Hopefully it gets fixed, when it does I'd love to purchase it again, but I'm not purchasing a game that crashes on start up. Also, steam's return policy is flipping awesome.

**EDIT** Which basically said to go into options.ini and change VertexBufferMethod =1to VertexBufferMethod=2. That is it, that fixed all the crashing to desktop. Now that I can play I can give it a good review. It is sort of like rise to ruin with a pikmon style combat. The combat is nice easy to get into and follow. You do need to upgrade your followers, you might be powerful but you cannot be everywhere. My tip would be to have a 3 x 3 space on each building that is like a barracks or a chapel, you don't see it yet but there are addons that can only fit left and right of the main building, you're going to want those and if you plan wrong, you'll need to demo a building just to build it right. I thought I was going to win but then I got creamed by the ascension process, wasn't prepared enough, oh well.