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Cyberpunk2077 - Johnny Silverhand's Arm??? (Hey Free Bike!)

So you can definitely get #JohnnySilverhands Gun in game, but what about his arm? This little gem of a hidden secret is just up your alley. After the jump check the vid from #ESO discussing one of the many legendary/iconic items in the game. You will be able to physically equip good ol' Johnny's arm and see it on V in game! That #metamorphisis is going to a whole different level at this point. More after the jump.

And if that's not enough in the spirit of free vehicles and cars, check this follow up link also from #ESO. As some of you know, there's a lot to do in #NightCity, but not only that lots of hidden secrets, specifically "dynamic quest" that do not have a quest marker on the map and sort of just happen, especially if you are actually paying attention to the lore in the game and what the characters are doing and saying. (Check our post on the secret bar fight quest out of El Coyote for example). This next vid is more of the same. Jump in and get the fastest free bike in game in this iconic little secret!


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