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Cyberpunk Patch 1.1 Live!

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1 is live. This patch will focus on several stability improvements to the game for both PC and console, oh my yes!

Much awaited memory usage improvements have been implemented to the game, which has had the profound effect of fixing various crashes related to among other things, loading saved, opening and closing the game and "POINT OF NO RETURN" issues. The stability changes should decrease the discovery of T posing NPCs, random foliage growth, and memory issues with save files.

More of these changes can be located here at on Cyberpunk 2077's official page. The bulk of these fixes, again focused on stability, should improve aspects of game-play for an overall better experience. This is the big update CDProjekt Red has been promising. It's always important to fix your bugs to improve that overall gaming experience!

In addition say goodbye to most, if not all, of your quest issues that have either led them astray or failed to complete the objective. If corruption issues and stability issues have prevented your continuing experience in Night City; now might be a good time to revisit! For an interactive audio read of the patch notes, check out Open World Games, #OWG , after the jump!

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