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Crimson Desert

One of PearlAbyss' upcoming IPs is the teased Crimson Desert. Black Desert Online is a sandbox-oriented MMORPG developed by Korean video game developer PearlAbyss and originally published for Microsoft Windows in 2015.

Crimson Desert was originally slated to be a prequel to Black Desert Online and revealed at the Oasis Festival as such in 2018, but since then has become its own stand alone game with different story and characters. New trailer after the jump.

IMO, Crimson Desert is looking to be packed of high fantasy content, that just from this trailer seems reminiscent of games like the Witcher and Bloodborne. The atmosphere definitely has throw backs to Korean MMORPG of its namesake, but what other connections the two will have has yet to be seen.

One plain fact is that Black Desert is generally known for not only its visual look, but the satisfying combat and combat cancels it employs. From the looks of things Crimson Desert plans to expand on that. For now it looks like this game will ditch the MMO part of its name sake and be one of PearlAbyss' few high fantasy solo games, making one wonder if they have more plans for this type of market going forward. Enjoyed the clip? What are your thoughts on Crimson Desert and a shift to more PvE and story driven content from PearlAbyss?

Who knows if this will be a departure from things like Black Desert generally, but one can hope that they will take the leaps and bounds they make in Crimson Desert and apply what's successful for let's say a massive upgrade to Black Desert to a Black Desert 2.0. Gotta love that combat, and Crimson Desert looks like its adding finishers to it. Icing on the cake 🍰


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