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(BDO)Beginner's Guide to Crate Making

This post is open to discussions on crate making in Black Desert Online. The image below provides a brief introduction to this topic.

Are You Still Making Crates?

Previously extremely lucrative with the right set up, recent changes in trading may have affected crate making in game. Has this been for the better or for the worse? Specifically, characters can no longer carry over 100 mil in silver, rendering trips back to the trader frequent on top of the need to bargain before every sale.

A Note From the Editor

Did you know you don't need workers to gather materials necessary for making crates? While you don't need workers right away it definitely helps the process and makes things easier. A worker empire requires contribution points, which can be obtained from various tasks in game. Regardless, workers are necessary for making the crates themselves. Prioritize workers that excel at crate making skills!


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