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BlackDesert - Sage

Introducing Sage, Black Deserts latest addition to the BDO Universe. Sage will be playable for PC players on March 17, 2021, and console players March 27, 2021.

Using the Kyve, an ancient god weapon born of the ancient civilization, Sage can open rifts in space, call on Ator's Fish and a range offensive spells to rain destruction on his foes. As explained by Pearl Abyss:

“He can control time to reduce the cooldown of specific skills, giving himself and his allies a strategic upper hand. Sage is also the only class that can access Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple without any entry items. Sage, an astrology researcher and denizen of an ancient civilization, was the first person to discover the Black Spirit as it hurtled through space toward the earth. Bent on protecting the world, Sage built Atoraxxion, an ancient weapon research facility, to prepare for the insurmountable threat. With 49 years until the comet carrying the Black Spirit crashed to earth, Sage sealed himself away to one day vanquish the evil force. Now, that day will soon arrive.”

On March 24th, players can receive an interior item and accessory specifically designed for Sage. Log in to obtain the Atoraxxion Chandelier and Sage Eyes of the Wise from the challenge window. Stay tuned for more info on launch and our first impressions on this new class 3/17/2021.

Check out RedMarmotGaming over at his channel, or here on our site for live gameplay of Sage when it launches PC side on March 17, 2021. If you missed the dev commentary earlier last week covering the reveal for this new class check it out here after the jump.


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