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Black Desert Online Rare Treasures - Infinite Potion Guide

Infinite potions were added to #BlackDesert in a patch on 22nd April 2020. (e.g. #infinitehealthpotion #infinitemanapotion)

Players can now craft 2 unique spirit essences that replenish health and mana, but are never used up.

  • They have exactly the same stats as HP/MP Instant Recovery Potion (Extra Large), except they are never-ending and they are quite a bit heavier.

  • Potion Comparison:

    • WEIGHT: 2.5 LT vs 50LT infinite potion

    • SILVER COST: 1,250 silver vs FREE infinite potion

Bound to family. (Can be transfered to an Alt via storage.)

Check the respective guides below from #imPansy for a video guide on some of the best rotations to grind for the potion components.

Once you have the ingredients for the potions, you need to visit Merindora, located in Kamasylvia. She is in the eastern section of Grana.

Merindora’s Knowledge Quests:

Merindora will have the following quick quests to speak to her and gain knowledge. It’s important that you complete these quests, so that you will be able to exchange for ingredients from 4 different NPCs.

Gayak’s Courage Stone

Gayak’s Courage Stone is obtained by giving Camira 30 Garmoth’s Scales.

Camira is the <Node Manager> of Sherekhan Necropolis, located in Dreighan.

Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone

Musical Spirit’s Sound Stone is obtained by giving Moyamo 300 Peridot Leaf.

Moyamo is the Node Manager of Okiara River in Kamasylvia. (SE of Grana)

Krogdalo’s Protection Stone

Krogdalo’s Protection Stone is obtained by giving Krogdalo’s Trace 100 Rumbling Earth Shard.

Krogdalo’s Trace is the Node Manager of Krogdalo’s Trace in Kamasylvia (NW of Grana)

Night Crow’s Dawn Stone

= 100x Dragon Scale Fossil Night Crow’s Dawn Stone is obtained by giving Ominous Altar 100 Dragon Scale Fossil. Ominous Altar is the Node Manager of Garmoth’s Nest in Dreighan (NE of Duvencrune)