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#BDOSage - What is Sage?

Sage is Pearl Abyss' newest class for Black Desert Online. His time has finally come! As of the posting of this video, winter season is over, the class only has its succession available, and all regions should now have access to roll their very own Sage! Prior to succession the class can feel quite clunky and does play different from other class in that it does not have true classical action combat canceling. Instead many of Sage's abilities are telegraphed/channeled. The cornerstone of the class in succession is mastering its gating ability to queue up attacks, "cancel" them with gate, which thereby turns them into instant cast upon exiting.

What are your thoughts on Sage? Clips are highlights from #RedMarmot live streams at​ . Streaming Weekdays at 7pm to 2 am PST . Check out our community discord here,​. We are currently recruiting for both our Black Desert Guild and #SWTOR​ guild; hit us up on any of our links for more info! Thanks for watching!


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