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BDO Patch Day - 02/09/2021

Not many more days left before we say goodbye to #Kakao and hello to #PearlAbyss for NA/EU. #PA will officially take over as publisher for both regions so make sure you got your accounts all settled and squared away by following the instructions in the link below prepared by #Kakao and #PearlAbyss, If you haven't logged in game in a while, when you do you will also be greeted with a like message with similar instructions.

Don't miss out on this because if you don't transfer your account on your own before certain deadlines, it will likely be lost forever, as #Kakao has no intention of keeping them on after the transition from #Kakao to #PA goes through. So get your account ready!

In the meantime, sit back for this weeks Tuesday Patch notification brought to you by #ChrisPoli, after the jump.


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