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KoC's Spring Time Regatta Gala Event!

It's May everyone so you know what that means; spring time, sunshine, and three day weekends to the beach. How about at sea? Looks like its time for a regatta gala!

An all new KnghtsOfChivalry (KoC) event hits this May 16, 2018, in honor of our pirate crew on Sea of Thieves (SoT) and the beautiful spring season.

So grab your crew, get your best pirate gear on , and get your ships fully loaded for:

1) BARGE FIGHTS! Eventide's Blood Wake.

The sea witch calls for blood on the high seas and you must answer. Make teams of 5 (driver included) and combat in 1 v 1 ship combat. Board the ships or prepare for ramming speed to send your enemies to Davy Jones' Locker.

PRIZE: Outlast 2 Game Code

2) Walk the Plank-Mutiny on the Frogan!

Time for some fisticuffs, but be warned you may have to swim like a frogan if you find yourself tossed over board. 1 v 1 fights on the deck of the Frogan commence with the winner of Eventide's deadly bloody wakes.

PRIZE: 1K prizes in pearls

Castaways are missing all over Balenos Islands! Can you find them before they are eaten by wild raccoons (or chinchillas). Only one way to find out, grab your ship, and collect the missing stranded members of KoC all over the Balenos Islands. Whoever returns to port with the most saved castaways wins!

PRIZE: 1K prizes in pearls

*There will be spectator ships as well to watch the bloody mayhem (and streams and recordings of the event where applicable). So hit the waves and join in on the fun because hey-