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Updates After So Long! A Look at What's New in BDO!

After a nearly year long hiatus we're back to the grind stone with with some major updates, and future plans for the website.

But first things first, a look at what's new in Black Desert Online (BDO) and the future of the Night Watch Chapter!

Over the course of 2017, BDO has made several mechanic and class changes in addition to new classes to the game itself. Striker quickly became a personal favorite after the long awaited Dark Knight (DK), in its own personal reveal following the announcement of the DK in late 2016.

So it came as no surprise that when Striker was announced and released, a silhouetted foreshadowing of the now known Rann class would quickly follow on its heels.

Nevertheless, as if completely out of left field, it was announced that Striker would have its own female counterpart following a trend established by Witches/Wizards, Musas/Maewahs and Ninjas/Kunos.

The Mystic is due to make a splash any day now on the NA/EU markets (formerly already released in KR earlier this year). Players were allowed on Wednesday, December 7, 2017 to utilize BDO's robust character creation to pre-customize their Mystic avatars and witness first hand the female martial artist in all her glory.

As for the Rann, no details yet, but her announcement video is putting Port Ratt and all of Margoria in the spot light, making her fighting style very reminiscent of something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. More after the jump.

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