Summer Time Recruitment (Join the Vanguard!)

Hello fellow Gamers and Gaming Communities!

It's summer! Schools are out. Players are on vacation. But there will always be games and there will always be gaming!

The Magisterium Vanguard's (TMV) Summer Recruitment is going strong! So whether you're interest lay in Wildstar, World of Warcraft (WoW) or Black Desert Online (BDO), to name a few, we're looking out for you!

General annual recruitment is always going on here at TMV, so if that's your interest and you just want a chill group of players to co-op with from time to time, hit us up here or in our discord. But without further delay let's get right down to our active community list that is currently recruiting players!

#1 Black Desert Online As some of you may know, TMV Night Watch has made a big push since closed beta and head start to make a thriving community in the world of Black Desert, and with the latest and greatest expansion to this epic world right around the corner, things are going to get a lot more intense with Valencia and the introduction of Node Wars. If you fancy yourself up to the challenge, ready to rumble, and got the nerves of steel necessary to rock out with your **** out in an all out battle royal for conquest and glory over the territories of the Black Desert, WE WANT YOU!