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Black Desert Conqueror's Head Start Begins Sunday Feb. 28!

Hi all,

The hype train has left the station! We know a lot of you are excited for the release of Black Desert Online (BDO) and have aleady played the closed beta, a KR client or an RU client here or there and have expereinced the greatness that is this perfectly put together open world.

However, if you're still on the fence about BDO we strongly encourage you to look at some of the great content and footage out there showcasing the game. Our discord under #bdo_info has some great information to "spark" your interest as well.

But don't delay too long. Some of these preorder packages disappear by Feb. 26th. So if you're interested choose a package and hopefully we'll see you in head start if not at launch. Happy hunting and happy gaming folks!

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