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Night Watch Goes 7 of 9 with Gloomclaw

Last time on Adventures in Datascaaaape! NightWatch brings the doom and gloom to the corrupting forces of Gloomclaw! Call for add control! These baddies need to be rounded up and beaten down if those logic essences have any chance of surviving this encounter.

And speaking of close encounters, this encounter cleans up the assimulating forces of the Entity with such thouroughness that even Jeri Ryan would approve! Move over Gloomclaw, NightWatch is at the gates and one step closer to facing off against the illogical maniac security system known as AVATUS!

Do these space jockies have what it takes!? Find out next time, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel on Adventures in Datascaaaape! in:

Beam Me Up Scotty! - or - Horse Radio, KFM!

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