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Night Watch Goes 6 out of 9 with Hydroflux Pairs!

Last time on Adventures in Datascaaaaape! A double effort lead to double the kills this raid week and triple the chills, as Night Watch pile drived through Datascape elminating not one, but two wings

Grazing the edge of winter and dancing on the end of tsunamis, this deadly one-two step between this dastardly duo nearly drops the temperature below freezing, but not if our heroes have anything to say about heating things up. Move over Hydroflux, its Gloomclaw time.

With Hydroflux Pairs down for the count, Night Watch sets its sights to the final wing in this adventure, and the ever illusive AVATUS. Get ready cupcakes, those essences aren't going to drop themselves. Let the hype train continue, next time on Adevntures in Datascaaaaaape!

Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel for

HATCH DAMMIT! - or - Rainbows and Unicorns!

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