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Night Watch, Defrags Volatility Lattice!

Last time in 'Adventures in Datascaaaaaaape!' Returning from an extended Winter Holiday break NightWatch explodes back onto the scene going 3 and 9 in Datascape, after a 2 shot tango with the infamous System Daemons. There is no rust on these gears as these champions jump into the fray for a little Lattice on the side.

In a chaotic melee that proves to be anything but non-lethal, NightWatch goes for gold in this kill with a murder pact suicide on Volatility Lattice! Catch more after the jump for a suspensful end that would make Indiana Jones cringe. What happens next? Only one way to find out! Next time on 'Adventures in Datascaaaaaaaape!'

Tune in next week! Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel for:

"The Legend Returns!" - or - "Sweet Suburban Disco!"


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