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Blade & Soul CN: Level 50 Cap Coming Soon

Along with the release of leve 50 cap, players will gain access to a whole new world map area – White Blue Mountain Range. New skills and new story quest will be unlocked, along with 8 new dungeons, including Yeti Cave, Revival Altar, Demonic Gate etc.

New Weapon System

New weapon system, namely “Godly Weapon” will be introduced in this update. Godly weapon does not only provide various alternative stats, such as PVP, PVE, attack-oriented, defense-oriented, balance etc, but also comes with varying appearances. Aside from the Godly Weapon obtained from main quest, players can obtained stronger versions of Godly weapon from exploration of different areas. Godly Weapon can be evolved/level-up and each level provides different stats.

In this update, the 45-50 mainstream weapon will be reboot as well, independent from the weapons before lvl 45, starting from Demonic weapon to Extreme Scorpion weapon. A new piece of equipment, “Soul” will also be introduced. The strongest Soul is obtained by exchanging the level 10 Extreme Pirate weapon. The current Legendary weapon can be exchanged to one of the variant of Godly Weapon as well, or it can be dismantled into “Legendary Weapon Soul” which is one of the materials to strengthen Godly weapon.

New Class (Warlock)


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