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Night Watch Brings the Authority to Maelstrom Authority.

Last time in 'Adventures in Datascaaaaaaape!' Night Watch brings out a last minute double feature going 5 out of 9 with Maelstrom Authority and then Megalith Pairs. First up Maelstrom Authority. Channeling their inner spider men/women Night Watch flies to skies in an all too buggy encounter.

Players falling through floors, invisible telegraphs and friendly fire telegraphs leaving the platforms. All seems lost in this encounter of near misses and near kills when out of no where this mechination stops its mechanics mid way through its lifeforce. Unbelievable and unreal. Nevertheless as their first kill, it makes the pages in this weeks Close Encounters of the Bugged Kind.

Catch more after the jump, and see more same Bat Time, same Bat Channel in:

Drive By Stabbing - or - Hulk. Mode. Activate!


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