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Night Watch, Unravels Limbo Infomatrix

Boom! And just like that we're back for another drama bomb. Last time in 'Adventures In Datascaaaape!' in an epic mid-season finale, NightWatch uploaded and downloaded hard on Limbo Infomatrix. Knock, knock. Who's there? An encoure presentation of in your face action. Someone's been extra good this holiday season.

In a last minute turn around, NightWatch goes 2/9 as they hurdle headlong into an unforgiving desert of mayhem, doom and despiar. Watch out Keepers. Those aren't just your abilities misfiring, that's NightWatch giving you a triple threat kill to the face! Queue the spoils of war, as NightWatch steps in and ends their raid year on a high note!

See ya next year, interstellar bro-sters, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, on 'Adventures in Datascaaaape!' in -

"A Festive Holiday Skank!" - or- "Mommy, there's a Chua In My Soup!"

Kill vid after the jump -

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