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"A Year's Ends Tale" - Knights of Chivalry

For those in the know, the Night Watch chapter of Black Desert Online (BDO) is officially over a year old now. During the course of that time they've certainly seen some great milestones and made an interesting mix of friends and allies.

Founded in the summer of 2015's early head start, Night Watch BDO was created from a grouping of players from TMV's WoW and Wildstar chapter, taking the chapter name from the latter, Night Watch.

These years have seen us say hello to new and old friends alike and some unexpected events as well as unfortunate departures. But all in all it has been light-hearted fun.

Early on, Night Watch BDO established long lasting ties and friendships to Chivalry, another head start guild Night Watch encountered during head start on very amicable and friendly terms.

Led by the Red Wizard himself, Synith, Chivalry collaborated with the Night Watch BDO chapter for launch events, alliances, pvp events, allied activities in Node Wars and other areas of the game as far back to the time of AVYSSO's in the First Era.

Over the course of this relationship, Chivalry and Night Watch BDO have never been closer, and while the idea of becoming one guild has graced the negotiations table before, both communities have now officially merged into a new one, Knights Of Chivalry.

As we now say goodbye to the Night Watch BDO chapter, we would like to welcome this new collaborative force not only as a friend to the TMV Network, but also a partner.

Cheers folks, and happy gaming!

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