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Finally Here - Nova's Awakening & Succession **SPOILERS**

Check out this video teaser trailer that's broken down by #Anders for the newest class in #blackdesert, #nova. In the video we can see that both succession and awakening will launch on January 6, 2021 and will include some pretty flashy skills. #Nova's history is shrouded in deep lore **SPOILER** if you've done #Nova's quest chain in the game you probably would have recognized that at key points in the main story line she gets access to unique experiences and quest dialogue not seen on other classes. That is because she's not only technically Calpheon Nobility, she's the last remaining descendant of the last king of Calpheon.

Not only that she was apparently trained and hidden amongst elite guards who trained with of all things the powers bestowed or blessed upon the lands of #Odylita , home of the dark elves and the conflict with the elves in #Grana (check out the main story for those two regions if you haven't). But enough exposition, check the video below, to see how these unique origins for this class have influence her awakening, allowing her to draw on hallowed powers worshiped by the elves themselves.


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