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About Us

The Magisterium Vanguard (“TMV”) is a gaming community established in November of 2007. Finding humble beginnings in World of Warcraft (Burning Crusade), TMV was founded by Borbosha and Argius Falcomwing, who grew the original guild out of the first TMV on World of Warcraft.

Like minded gamers quickly found that they enjoyed playing games together, and with time and progress TMV became more than just a solo guild in one game; it became a community for playing several games.

Evolving from Vent, to Teamspeak, to Discord; as voice communication technology improved in gaming, it became easier for players in TMV to keep in touch. Thus, TMV the gaming community and subsequently Vanguard Entertainment were born.

Join us on this whimsical journey of friends and family, orcs and humans, loved ones and loves lost, nostalgia and innovation, war machines and intergalactic empires, chocobos and moogles, open-worlds and pure survival, MMORPGS and Co-Ops as we venture forth into boundless imaginative and digital entertainment.

Much Obliged Friends!


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